How to Change Linksys Router Password

Are your neighbours or people standing near your home or office using your wifi network for free? If a single network is used by multiple users at the same time it reduces the speed of the wifi network drastically and which creates problem when you are downloading or uploading your important documents, files or if you are doing a very important video conferencing or streaming OTT platforms or watching YouTube whatever you are doing.

Slow speed of the network can be frustrating for everyone. So how to get rid of it? The simple solution is to change your Wi-Fi password, it is a great and best solution to keep your network secure from unwanted access.

If you have a Linksys router then the process of changing the password is super easy. We have explained the whole process step by step on how to change Linksys router password. You can follow the steps and change your Linksys wifi password.

Change or Reset Linksys Wi-Fi Password

Generally we are taking the standard Linksys router, see how you can change the Linksys router password easily in few simple steps:

  • Firstly access the router web interface by opening your browser and visit your router IP in the search address bar of your browser.

  • Log into your router by typing the current username and password. See the default Linksys username and password in case you forgot or don’t know.

  • Once you logged into the web interface of your Linksys router then go to Wireless> Wireless Security. In older models you will see the Wireless settings instead of Wireless security so don’t get confused they both are the same.

  • Now enter the new wifi password in the Passphrase field.

  • Finally save the changes.

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