How to Connect Linksys Router to WiFi

If you want to connect your Linksys router to Wi-fi then here in this guide we will help you in a few simple steps.

Setting the Linksys Smart Wi-fi router is easy to set up. It is made easy by using the Smart setup wizard using a modern browser. The smart setup wizard is embedded in the firmware version and it is available even if the router doesn’t have any internet connection or it is in its default settings.

In this guide we will show you how to setup your Linksys wi-fi router using the Smart Setup Wizard. So lets see the whole process:

Note: The Smart Setup Wizard is supported by all Linksys Smart Wi-fi routers models.

Let’s Begin the Smart Setup Wizard

  • If your router is embedded with external antennas then connect the antennas to the router first then plug in the router to the main power supply. If your router has a power switch then make sure that the power switch is ON. Wait for the power light indicator to be stable.

  • Now connect the ethernet cable from your modem to the Internet port of the Linksys router.

  • Then connect your secured Wi-Fi you can locate the Wi-Fi credentials check on the bottom of the router or on see on the Quick Start Guide. To avoid any problem during the setup make sure that you have a good signal from the router by bringing the computer/laptop or smartphone closer.

If you are using a wired computer then skip the above step

  • Now launch your web browser and enter and press enter.

  • Tick all the terms and conditions and click on proceed.

  • In the update window install future router updates automatically(recommended). Click Next

  • Now enter the desired Wi-Fi name and password in the fields and click on next.

  • Connect the new wifi name and then return to the setup and click on next.

  • Now enter the router password in the create a router password and click on next.

  • If you see the message Your router is set up it means that your router is now successfully set up.

  • Now you will be redirected to a new window to create your Linksys smart wi-fi account page.

Now you have successfully set up your Linksys Smart Wifi router using the smart setup wizard.

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Linksys Smart Account Setup
April 15, 2021

Thanks For Share Very Important Information with us, This Is Really helpful for new users or beginners.


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