How to Find Linksys Router Password

Have you forgotten your Linksys router password? If yes and you are searching for the ways for linksys router password recovery. If you have forgotten your router password or even its network or SSID name here we are to help you step by step guide. All the necessary instructions are provided below to pull you out of this situation.

“When you setup your Linksys wireless router using Linksys connect a unique username and password for your wireless network will be generated automatically. This makes super easy for you to identify your network”.

Our definitive guide will show you the linksys router password recovery process step by step.

Follow the below steps to find linksys router password.

By Using Linksys Connect Method

Step 1 –

Firstly launch the Linksys connect on your computer that was used to setup the linksys wifi router.

Note : To launch linksys connect on windows computer go to Start> all programs > Linksys connect.

To launch the linksys connection on the MAC device navigate to the Applications folder in Go and then start Linksys connect. If you need any help chat with our support agent.

Step 2 –

On the linksys connect main screen select the Router Settings.

Step 3 –

The router name and password are found to be under the personalize section.

Tip: Your linksys router name and password are also the wireless settings of your router. You will be using those settings when you connect additional computers or devices with your network.

Through the web based setup page

Step 1 –

Launch any web browser from your computer like google chrome, safari, mozilla firefox etc.

Step 2 –

In the address bar of the browser enter the address as the router’s default IP address then press the enter button. If this doesn’t work or the IP address of your router has been changed enter it instead.

Step 3 – Now enter the admin in the password section field then leave the User name blank. If you have set up a username and dedicated password before then enter that personalized details.

Tip : For the linksys smart wifi routers you can enter the address myrouter.local in the address bar of your web browser to accesss its web based setup page.

Step 4 –

Now click on the Ok button when a warning prompt that says using this advanced utility to change your router settings could disable your network appears.

Step 5 –

On the set up page click on the wireless option

Step 6 –

Now click on the wireless security option to view the security settings of your wireless network. Take note of the security mode and passphrase.

This was the step by step guide on how to find linksys router password or you can recover your linksys router password.

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