How to Setup Linksys Router Without CD

In the event your computer does not have any CD drive or you misplaced the Setup CD, then you may still set up your Linksys Wi-Fi Router by downloading the Linksys Link Setup Software in the Linksys Support Website. To do it, you want to link your pc initially into a network using an active online connection or directly into the modem.

Step 1

Visit the Linksys Support Website. Enter the version number of your merchandise from the Search area and click it.

Step 2

Click the DOWNLOADS / / FIRMWARE button.

Step 3

Choose the Hardware variant of your apparatus.

Step 4

Find the Setup Software on your computer and click on Download.

Step 5

Save the Setup Software and then Pick a place in your computer to store the document. It’s strongly suggested that you store the document into the computer’s Desktop.

Step 6

Double-click the Linksys Connect installation file which you’ve downloaded.

Step 7

Click on the License Conditions link to see the permit terms and data.

Step 8

Follow directions 1 and two on the installation screen. If your Internet connection is by way of satellite, T1 or fiber optic which does not have a modem, then join the existing Ethernet cable into the yellow online interface of the router.

Step 9

It is possible to change this information by simply editing the mechanically generated SSID and password to your wireless system. Click on Next after done.

Step 10

The installation will automatically define your Web connection type. If the program detects that you use a DSL link , a display will seem to allow you to put in your user account information from the mandatory fields.

Step 11

Then you’ll see a confirmation window revealing that you’re currently linked to the web.

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How to Setup Linksys Router Without CD | GuestBlogging.Pro
July 26, 2021

[…] still Install your Linksys Wifi router by downloading the Linksys connect setup software from the Linksys Support Website. For doing this, first you need to connect your computer with a modem or any active internet […]


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