Linksys Router E2500 Setup Without CD

Configuration for Linksys router E2500

Setting up Linksys E2500 router is an easy task as other Linksys router setup. You can install the router with or without CD or the Cisco connect software.

Linksys E250 guest port access can also be managed by using the web based page setup. There is no need to run the software to create guest network access which was necessary for E100, E200 and E300 router series. You can create a guest network manually easily.

How to Setup Linksys E2500 Router Without CD

Like the other linksys router models connect the modem and the computer to the router with the Ethernet cable. Check the status lights.

Step 2 – Open the Setup Page

The default IP address for the Linksys E2500 router is Now open your web browser and enter the above IP address in your address bar.

It will now ask you for the router password. Web based setup page is the page where you can change the settings of your router like password, SSID etc.

The default password for the Linksys E2500 router is Admin leave the username space blank. If the default password is not working, maybe you have set a manual password so make sure to check that.

Step 3 – Internet Connection Settings

For the cable internet you will need to clone the MAC address of the main computer you are using and save the settings.

For DSL internet service you will need to change the PPPoR settings of your network. Enter the PPPoE username and the password given by the ISP and then save the settings.

Step 4 – Wireless Network Settings

On the Linksys E2500 router setup page click on the wireless tabl and change the configuration to manual.

Now you will see 2 separate wireless networks one 2n4GHZ and the second one 5 GHZ.

Keep the network mode to Mixed

Now change the name of the wireless network SSID for both the networks. Make sure to use the slightly different SSID for both the wiri networks so that you can differentiate them. Also keep SSDI broadcast enabled and save the settings.

Step 5 – Wireless Security

Now click on the wireless security sub tab. Again you will see security for the 2 different networks. Change the security mode to WPA personal or WPA2 security personal for both. Enter the password and use the same password for both the wifi and save the settings.

Step 6 – Connect to the Wi-fi

This will create 2 different wifi networks for you. You can connect to any of them which is suitable for your device. Your wireless network is now ready.

Now try to connect to the wi-fi network on your laptop, smartphone or the computer or any wifi device. You will see your wifi network SSIDs there.

Connect to any of those SSIDs. Enter the correct wireless network password and its done. Now you can access the internet on your all wifi devices.

Step 7 – Setup Linksy E2500 Guest Network Access

Under the wireless tab option click on the guest access sub tab. Access provides visitors to your home with internet access without giving them the access to your computers or the personal data.

If you want to set up guest access then select the allow guest access option – Yes.

Guest networks can’t be edited. Change the password, set the number of guests to be allowed to connect and save the settings.

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