Linksys Smart WiFi Default Password

How to Setup Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Default Password

Have you forgotten your Linksys smart Wi-Fi password? If yes and you are searching for the Linksys smart WIFI default password then in this article where we have explained the step by step guide on how you can check and update the Linksys smart Wi-Fi password using your Linksys cloud account.

The router password is the administrator password which is used when you want to login to the router web based setup page. Generally the Linksys smart Wi-Fi default password is admin.

However we recommend you to set up a personalized password for your Linksys smart Wi-Fi to keep your router safe from unauthorized access.

How to Update router password through linksys cloud account

Step 1 – Firstly access your linksys cloud account. For more information chat with our technical support team.

Step 2 – Click on connectivity

Step 3 – Then under the basic tab click on edit beside router password

Step 4 – Enter your current password and then enter your new password whatever you want to have and then confirm your password.

Note : On some linksys smart wi-fi routers only you will see the option of entering the new password without entering your old password in case you are changing it. You can enter an optional router password by putting a hint there.

Step 5 – Click on apply button

Step 6 – A popup box will open then click on yes button then on ok thats all.

Use your new setted password to access your router’s settings such as Parental controls and guest access etc.

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