Your Router Was Not Successfully Setup

Today when we are so dependent on the internet, we barely think of performing a task on your computer without the internet. Poor connection to the internet can keep you and your work stuck. And the first thing that you must be looking for is to check the wire connection or your router. Isn’t it? Wire problem can be dissolved by calling experts who have set connect but if you face a problem like your router was not successfully set up, then here are few things that you must ensure to do.

Follow Best steps for: Linksys router was not successfully setup

Step 1:- Disconnect your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router from the cable modem.

Step 2:- Press the button at the back of the router with a pin or a paperclip for 30 seconds.

Step 3:- Reconnect the computer to the router wired or wirelessly.

Step 4:- Access the Smart Setup Wizard by opening a web browser and typing “” or “http://myrouter.local”.

Step 5:- Start running the router’s Smart Setup Wizard while disconnected from the modem until it displays the Your Internet cable is not connected correctly window.

Step 6:- Using an ethernet cable, connect the modem to the yellow internet port of the router and click the Next button.

Step 7:- Finish running the Smart Setup Wizard until you can access the router’s Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Tools page.

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