How to Log into my Linksys Router

To login into Linksys router you need to follow these steps

1. Make a connection of your router with the computer, tablet, Smart phone.

2. Open up a web browser, in the address bar type or

3. If you have created a Linksys smart Wi-Fi account then you need to enter your username and password that you have created for it.

4. If don’t have an account then you have to create an account or you can also click on local access.

5. Enter the admin password then hit login.

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How to Login to Linksys Router | GuestBlogging.Pro
April 22, 2020

Linksys is one of the best brand for secure home and office networks and also a fast internet service provider. This article covers the configuration of how to login into Linksys router. You can log into your router to change your router details, firmware update or modify router configuration files. Please follow these instructions for Linksys Router Login.


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