How to Update Router Firmware Linksys

Like in our real life, pick-pocket of internet service is also possible especially in case of Linksys router security. This means your belongings are at high risk, as intruder are continuously making attempts to steal your bandwidth, steal your personal information, conduct illegal activity over your network, and infect your network with malicious threats.

Of course, after this you must be anxious to known how to update router firmware Linksys. Being an owner of Linksys router, you can do it in following manner. Either you can enable a wireless security password by enabling a wireless media access control (MAC) filter, or by disabling the service set identifier (SSID) broadcast of the router.

Follow the below steps to update firmware on Linksys Router

  • Launch an Internet browser session on your computer.

  • Type the IP address of your router into the address bar of the Internet browser and press “Enter.”

  • Enter the username and password for your router at the login prompt.

  • Click on the “Wireless” tab, then click on “Wireless Security.”

  • Select the “Manual” radio button next to “Configuration View.”

  • Select a security mode from the dropdown menu next to “Security Mode.”

  • Enter a password of your choice into the field next to “Passphrase.”

  • Click on “Save settings.”

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