Linksys Smart wifi default login

Linksys Smart WIFI default login – How to Access Smart Wi-Fi web based page

Do you want to log into your Linksys smart WIFI web based page setup? and you are looking for the solution for that. The Linksys smart WIFI is a free service which is given by Linksys with their Linksys smart routers for home or offices. After setting up your Linksys smart Wi-Fi router you can access it by logging into your Linksys cloud account and associating your router to it.

Quick Note : If you are facing issues in accessing your Linksys router using your Linksys cloud account then make sure that you have updated the router’s firmware with the latest version. You can see our guide on how to update Linksys smart Wi-Fi firmware version.

You can access your Linksys smart WIFI by using the two methods which are below.

  • Local Access

  • Remote Access

By Local Access

Follow the below steps to access via local access method

Step 1 – Launch your web browser on your PC

Step 2 – Enter your Linksys default router ip address or type “myrouter.local” in the address bar of your browser and then press the enter button on your keyboard.

Step 3 – Now enter your router password and click on the login button which will be showing on your computer screen. The Linksys router default password is admin in case if you have changed your Linksys router password then enter that password in the field.

You can also login to your Linksys cloud account after that simply click on the link will be provided in the button part.

Now, when the Linksys smart Wi-Fi sign in page will appear then enter your email address and password to your Linksys smart Wi-Fi web interface and click on login.

Via Remote Access

The other method to login to your Linksys smart Wi-Fi web based interface is via remote access. The best thing about linksys smart wifi router is that it allows you to manage your WIFI so that you can manage, modify and specify your router settings securely anytime and from anywhere remotely.

Now let’s talk about those steps to remote access to your Linksys smart Wi-Fi

Step 1 – Launch the web browser and enter and press the enter button

Step 2 – Enter your email address and password in the required fields and click on login.

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