Linksys Smart Wifi Setup Not Working

Linksys router are the best option for fast internet connection. There are many reasons behind linksys smart wifi setup not working like setup is not done properly, slow internet connection, old firmware version, adapter is refusing to connect, etc.

Tips To Resolve Linksys Smart Wifi Network Conection

The initial and the fastest step you should take towards the power cycle of your device. Power off and power on all the devices & then restart the Linksys Router once again.

Reset your Linksys Router by pressing the reset button on it. Thus all the settings will be removed. Then you need to access the Linksysmartwifi setup again.

Outdated firmware is also another reason for no conneting to the internet. Make sure you have updated firmware. In case the problem still exists then you need to contact Linksys Customer Support to solve this problems.

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